How to add Attributes and Variations


Below is a step-by-step instructional on how to add attributes and variations to your products. If you need more help, please reach out to us on our Support Page. We’re happy to help!


Steps to find Attributes and Variations section

  1. Sign in and go to Seller Dashboard
  2. Click on Products Tab
  3. Find the product you would like to add attributes and variations to and click [edit]
  4. Scroll down through the edit product screen until you find Attribute section

Add Attributes

  1. If you are making a custom attribute click on the text box on the left side of the section and make sure “Custom Attribute” is selected
  2. Click Add attribute
  3. Under the name section type in what this Attribute will be titled (Size, Color, etc.)
  4. Under the Value(s) section add what options there are under this Attribute. Example: (small, medium, large)
  5. If you would like to add more attributes click on [Add attribute] button and repeat steps 3-4
  6. When you are done adding Attributes click on [Save attribute]

Add Variations

  • To add Variations the product type must be set to Variable. This can be done at the top of the edit product page
  • On the Attributes you want to use for variations you must check [Used for Variations] checkbox on the attributes
  1. In the Attribute and Variation section
  2. Click Add variation text box to display a dropdown list.
  3. To automatiacally create all variations for all attributes select [Create variations from all attributes]
    • This only created 50 at a time so it may be needed to be done more than once to cover all variations
  4. To manually add variations select [Add variations]
    • This way you can add one variation at a time
  5. At this point click on [Add variation] box to bring down the drop down menu.
    • many more options should now appear in the menu. These options can bulk change all the variations at once.
  6. To individually change a specific variation, Click on the variation which will drop down the variations details
  7. Editing variations is the same as editing Products
    • Guides and information on editing products can be found here

Set Price for Variable Product

  • Click on [Add variation] box to bring down the drop down menu.
  • To set the price select [Set Regular Prices] and click [Go]
  • A pop up will appear asking for the set price. Type in the desired price value. Type in the value and press OK
  • **This is how you set the price for variable type products**