About us

What is Shop Livvi?

🎨 Shop, Live Life:
Welcome to Shop Livvi (SL)! We’re not just an online marketplace, but a dynamic community deeply rooted in the principles of freedom, pro-life values, unwavering truth, and a profound love for America. We're not just here to grow businesses, we're here to create, inspire, and celebrate the values that make America exceptional.

🇺🇸 Our Core Values:
Founded by visionary entrepreneurs Rider and Tristan, Shop Livvi proudly stands for freedom, pro-life policies, truth, and a passionate commitment to American small businesses. Shop Livvi isn’t just a marketplace; we're a movement empowering artists, entrepreneurs, and visionaries who stand firm on these values. Your success stories fuel our relentless drive!

🛍️ The Shop Livvi Experience:
In a world cluttered with commissions and hidden fees, Shop Livvi emerged to simplify online selling. No gimmicks, just a transparent $15 monthly subscription to sell in the marketplace. Shop Livvi is a platform designed for success, and we want to keep your expenses as low as possible.

🌎 Our Origin Story:
The Shop Livvi saga began five years ago, inspired by a local arts boutique in Southern California who was selling local art. Years later, this inspiration was turned into reality, when the platform was launched in Lubbock, Texas. It quickly became well known as a haven for creativity, a subscription-based multi-vendor platform defying the messaging of woke corporations. All of this while embracing traditional values and connecting like-minded buyers and sellers.

💌 We Love Feedback:
At Shop Livvi, your voice shapes the marketplace. Your feedback, ideas, and suggestions propel us forward and allows Shop Livvi to become the most optimized marketplace on the planet. Join us in a space that resonates with values and fuels creativity, all because of your valuable insights!

💙 For Sellers, from Our Hearts:
To our talented sellers, Shop Livvi is not just a platform; it's a canvas for your values and creativity. Without you, Shop Livvi is nothing but an idea. You are the soul and glue of this alternative marketplace, and we're honored to serve you! Please continue amplifying your dreams and reflecting freedom, life, truth, and the American spirit! We are so grateful to have you aboard.

🎁 For Buyers, With Our Gratitude:
We want to take a moment and thank you. Thank you for your bravery to stand for your beliefs and for supporting American businesses! You are voting with your wallet, and we cannot even begin to measure the magnitude of good that your generosity does. The sellers you support love you, and we wouldn’t be here without you!

🚀 The Exciting Journey Ahead:
As we navigate this journey, the future excites us. Your experiences with Shop Livvi inspire relentless innovation. Brace for updates and features that align with shared values, making your journey even more fulfilling.

Thank you for choosing Shop Livvi – where American traditional values are not just embraced; they're celebrated.

Rider and Tristan