Huang: a Three Kingdoms Tabletop RPG


As the Han dynasty draws to a close, China is in turmoil. Let Huang transport you to this period with an immersive RPG experience, right on your tabletop! Every expansion and supplement will be free to download for the rest of time. This one purchase means you will own all of Huang’s current and future content forever.

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Huang: a Three Kingdoms tabletop RPG features fresh mechanics (2D20 for most actions and a pitched battle resolution system), epic character building (attributes from 5 – 100), and is set in one of the most tumultuous periods in history, Three Kingdoms China. Players can take part in exciting adventures and quests, help shape the history and future of the world, and determine if the Han dynasty will survive or fall into irreparable decay.

Meet your favorite Three Kingdoms heroes, like Lu Bu, Guan Yu, Cao Cao, the Sun family, or avoid them all and lead rebellions against the social order of the day. The world of Ancient China is yours to command, or destroy, in Huang.

This core book is the first in the line of Huang. Supplements will be completely free and downloadable for players and game masters alike once the core book is purchased.

Designed and made in the USA by Warrior With a Pen Games.

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